XOXOJK 20: For Every Lover, A Hater

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This week we talk about the Target layoffs that affected many friends in Minneapolis, and the unexpectedly great things that happened in our community as a result. We then chat about how gift giving can be daunting and some foolproof and thoughtful … [Read more]

Pizza Rainbow! 19: THANKS OBAMA


Jen and Amber return from a liquid lunch on St. Patrick's Day to record Episode 19, get on a tangent about drinking and driving, talk about the time when they were two hot chicks in their mid-thirties going to see Cinderella in the middle of a Monday … [Read more]

XOXOJK 19: A Culture of Humility

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Jenn and Kate share a chat with (very) special guest Madde Gibba about the broad concept of "The Midwest". More specifically, what it's like to live here, leave here, and all the things that make a "flyover state" life worth it...even with the … [Read more]