Introducing the Buzzedwords podcast

I’m proud to welcome the newest podcast on Math Is Hard, ‘Buzzedwords‘. Buzzedwords is a live discussion and game show featuring two interesting people and a bottle of whiskey, hosted by Jeff Kamin. The guests discuss their areas of expertise with the host at the start of each half of the show. There are a […]

Announcing ‘Phone Home’

I’m proud to announce the newest addition to the Math Is Hard family, Phone Home (Subscribe here). At it’s core, Math Is Hard is about nerds sharing what they’re passionate about, whether that be movies, favorite albums, or other varied topics. Phone Home taps into something that I’m extremely interested in – mobile computing, and […]

Announcing the Nerd Nite MN Podcast

The Math Is Hard Network of podcasts and blogs is proud to announce the release of our second podcast property, Nerd Nite MN. Nerd Nite is a national organization with local chapters, and this podcast features live recordings from the Duluth, MN chapter. Similar to Give and Take and Ignite presentations, Nerd Nite features smart, […]

Remakers Mark now available on iTunes!

Finding and subscribing to the Remakers Mark podcast just got even easier, as it is now part of the iTunes Podcast listings! Click here to open iTunes and subscribe. If you are unfamiliar with how podcast subscriptions work, we have created this help page to aid in subscribing to podcasts, both in iTunes and elsewhere. […]

Introducing the Remakers Mark Podcast

I’m very proud to introduce Math Is Hard’s first property, The Remakers Mark Podcast. The idea for this has been in the back of my mind for a long time, but finally crystallized in this format in the last few months. It’s very common for me, while watching a favorite movie or reading a book, […]

Welcome to Math Is Hard

Math Is Hard has been several years in the making, in one way or another. I first bought this URL in the hopes of turning it into a Minneapolis music and arts web-zine. But, alas, a potent combination of ‘being a twenty something’ and ‘not knowing how to design a website’ in the days prior […]