Nerd Nite MN 2: The Original Was Scarier

The Original Was Scarier - Nerd Nite MN Episode 2 from Math Is Hard Network on Vimeo.

In our 2nd Episode of the podcast, Nerd Nite Duluth co-founder (and Remakers Mark co-host) Jeremy Nilson schools us on the history of horror movies, how they’ve changed over the years, and why, in true hipster fashion, the original is always better. As this is about horror movies, some content is a little bloody, but not too terribly so.

Video Links from Jeremy’s Presentation:

The Early Years:
The Haunted Castle

The Slasher:
Psycho Shower Scene

The 70’s and 80’s:
Spider-Walk scene from The Exorcist
Suspiria Trailer

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