Remakers Mark Episode 1 Part 1: Ghostbusters

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In our very first episode, we are discussing the 1984 supernatural comedy classic, Ghostbusters. Here, in Part 1 of our discussion, we toss around our ideas for how we would recast both major and minor characters.

Major Characters:

Dana Barrett – originally played by Sigourney Weaver

Egon Spengler – originally played by Harold Ramis

Ray Stantz – originally played by Dan Aykroyd

Peter Venkman – originally played by Bill Murray

Minor Characters:

Louis Tully – originally played by Rick Moranis

Janine Melnitz – originally played by Annie Potts

Winston Zedmore – originally played by Ernie Hudson

Walter Peck – originally played by William Atherton

Gozer – originally played by Slavitza Jovan

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One comment on “Remakers Mark Episode 1 Part 1: Ghostbusters
  1. Joe Hollywood says:

    I’m gonna be honest. This is genius. the Louis Tulley pick was robbed.

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