Remakers Mark 3, Part 2: Some Like It Hot

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Some Like It Hot:
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In the 2nd part of our discussion of Some Like It Hot, we reveal who we chose to recast the major characters, wonder if the film could be remade today (Professional touring musicians? Nonsense!), and ponder other gender bending films and television, from Bosom Buddies to White Chicks, and everywhere in between.

Major Characters:

Joe/Josephine – originally played by Tony Curtis

  • Our choice for the recast role: Jude Law

Jerry/Daphne – originally played by Jack Lemmon

Sugar Kane – originally played by Marilyn Monroe


Bosom Buddies

White Chicks


Mrs. Doubtfire

Just One of the Guys

Juwanna Mann

Connie and Carla

The Crying Game

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