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Remakers Mark

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Remaking our favorites, for you. In this podcast, a group of über nerds talk about how we would recast our favorite movies and properties, what plot holes we would fill, and how technology (both in filmmaking and in today’s world) would change things. Throw in some fun and funny segments, and you’ve got Remakers Mark!


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XOXOJK is a show about real stuff, funny stuff, good stuff and all the stuff in between from the eyes and mouths of Kate O’Reilly (typically the ‘XOXO’) and Jenn Schaal (more often than not the ‘JK’). Sometimes the roles are switched but you’ll always get the truth from these two thoughtful and smart-mouthed ladies.

Making Good Choices

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Whether you’re talking about good choices or bad decisions, it all comes back to the same place: Great stories. Join your host, Amber L. Carter, as she sits down with a new guest every week to talk about the super smart choices and hilariously bad decisions we all make when trying to get this whole “life” thing right.

Pizza Rainbow

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Pizza Rainbow is about real teens, talking about real teens issues! * HUGS * (Editor’s Note: “Real teens” refers to two awesome chicks in their 30s named Amber and Jen, and “real teen issues” refers to current pop culture obsessions that are used as a catalyst for in-depth discussions about feelings, friendship, dirty emojis, life goals, relationships, and the proper use of Tinder)


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Buzzedwords is a live discussion and game show featuring two interesting people and a bottle of whiskey, hosted by Jeff Kamin. The guests discuss their areas of expertise with the host at the start of each half of the show. There are a selection of ten words each person is not allowed to say; if they say any of the words, they must drink.

This Is Yay

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This Is Yay is a talk show/game show/sketch show recorded at the house of Mike Fotis. Each episode, Mike and his guests dive into each other’s deepest fears and discover the beauty that lies within. That’s not true. I’m sure self discovery occurs, but if so, it’s an addendum.

Nerd Nite MN (Video Podcast)

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Live broadcasts from the Minnesota chapters of Nerd Nite. Each recording includes several presentations on nerdy topics that the presenters are well informed and passionate about. Take a liberal sprinkling of laughter and mix it with a heavy dash of learning, and you’ve got Nerd Nite.


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Phone Home

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In ‘Phone Home’ friends share the home screens from their smartphones, and with that, their favorite apps, how they use their phone in their daily lives, and what additional apps they’d love to see created.

Archival Footage

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Archival Footage, written by Remakers Mark panelist Mark Joesting, takes a look at the historical accuracy (or lack thereof) in some of your favorite history-based films.



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The personal blog of Math Is Hard founder Kyle DeLaHunt, featurings musings on technology, music, apps, and more.


Chartered Trips

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Chartered Trips takes a deep dive into music that deserves that level of exploration and analysis. Focusing on the process, production, and songs behind albums and bands that author Colin Kerns has always loved, but maybe haven’t received the attention or accolades they deserve, Chartered Trips is a must read for all music lovers.

Remaker’s Mark Blog

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Additional musings and reviews from the folks behind Remaker’s Mark. The Director’s Cut, if you will.


 Math Is Hard News

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News and information about the Math Is Hard Network. Updates on new and existing MIH properties, alike.